Bright Future for Fairview

Community Spirit Against The Recession Local Groups and Businesses Ensure Fairview Has a Bright and Busy Future.

With events ranging from music in the park to lectures in the library the Fairview Marino area has been doing all it can to involve and interest local people and businesses with events that look set to continue all year.

Earlier this summer the Fairview-Marino Business Association and Dublin City Council collaborated to produce “A Lark in the Park”, a family day out in Fairview Park. The day was a great success. Featuring live music, bouncy castles, dancing, face painting and a showcase of local businesses; the event attracted over 1,000 visitors and with the surprisingly seasonable sunny weather setting the tone a great day out was had by all.

Fairview Park also recently saw the opening of a brand new playground and band stand. These impressive, modern additions to the park replace the older playground and band stand that had been removed during the building of the port tunnel. Hopefully this new equipment will have a good, long run in the park and become as beloved as its predecessors.

This year marks the centenary of the death of Bram Stoker, author of the world- renowned and much imitated “Dracula”. Stoker was born and spent his childhood
on The Crescent, near Fairview. A wealth of events have been organised by Stoker devotees and more are expected in coming months. Here in Marino the local
library hosted talks by Dennis McIntyre, a local Dracula expert and Dacre Stoker, a descendent of Bram who presented previously unknown diaries of Stoker from his time living in Dublin. Following the lecture a bust of Bram Stoker, created by sculptor Beatrice Stuart was loaned to the library by local business Bram’s Cafe´.

The Marino Library was also congratulated by the Lord Mayor Naoise O´ Muiri´ on the quality and success of their Heritage Week events, featuring talks and exhibitions on a variety of topics. The library has a continuing schedule of events for the autumn season.

With all this and more going on the Fairview-Marino Business Association is launching a new website this Friday, September 14th. The site, will feature up-to-date information about upcoming events, photos of past events and a detailed business listing for the area.

Read the article in the Dublin People here.

For more information or photographs, contact: James Bowler 01 833 56 10